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Capture the joy and excitement of your little one's milestone with our exclusive Cake Smash Photo Session! Experience a fun-filled hour where every giggle and frosting-covered moment is beautifully immortalized with laughter in the air and buttercream on their noses. You'll watch as your little one dives into a custom cake. These moments are fleeting but your memories won’t be!

Session Features:

  • 60 Minutes of Pure Delight: Enjoy a full 1-hour session filled with laughter, candid moments, and adorable mess-making.

  • Two Outfits: Bring along 2 of your favorite outfits for varied and charming looks. (Pre-cake outfit/cake smash outfit)

  • Pre-Cake Elegance: Before the cake indulgence begins, we’ll capture pristine pre-cake shots, perfect for showing the calm before the storm.

  • Splashy Fun: Post-cake smash, the session wraps up with a delightful Tub Splash, making for some bubbly photographs.

  • Custom Smash Cake: To fit the theme, a custom smash cake will be provided, ready to be toppled and tasted by your eager little one.

  • $50 Print Credit: Apply your $50.00 print credit toward purchasing digital prints from the online gallery.

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